Confessions of a GradientSPIRIT

8 Profound Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Knowing that your essence possesses a primordial power that is connected to all that is can change your life, but only by understanding and tapping in can that power be realized. In the book, Confession of a Gradient Spirit, the author draws from several ancient Eastern and Western texts, modern day wisdom, as well as, her own recollections of her near-death experience to provide information to elevate your consciousness.

Confession of a Gradient Spirit is a compilation of lessons learned in retrospect of a significant emotional evident supported by various ancient texts. It is a recognition and acceptance of an event so profound that only by suppressing the information that periodically floated into her now was she able to move forward to some degree. However, at some point she felt it was as though she was called out to reveal her findings per-se. After all, life is not the destination but the journey. Her revelations started first with me accepting, then actively listening, and afterward seeing and recognizing the value of every human being and every interaction. I had to accept my journey. The book is recognition of the journey and the lessons that resonated the most during the years. By providing this body of work that took years to synchronize, I am humbled to be the vehicle that presence this information in such a way to bring about life affirming change.

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About The Author

Harolyn J. Ingraham, Ph.D. is the Founder & CEO of Reemergence Solutions Group (RSG), an organizational development consultancy firm developed to work with organizations, teams and individuals. RSG aligns business and human resource strategies with performance processes and people development. RSG offers organizational development services to organizations of all sizes, to optimize efficiency, improve operational effectiveness, provide leadership/executive coaching and deploy the programs in a cost effective manner. The firm provides top-level organizational development services on a cost-effective basis. RSG specializes in employee training with emphasis on business fundamental training and supervisory leadership development/executive support. We specialize in strengthening the role and impact of leadership to focus their objective on long term goals through improving positive change of human capital. Our team works together to help meet your company’s strategic growth objectives.

Confessions of a Gradient Spirit

8 Profound Secrets That Will Change Your Life

Chapter 1 – The Incident

Reveals the events leading up to and surrounding the author’s entering into a three-week comatose state and the rigor required to recover.

Chapter 2 – First Secret-Divine Love

How does love play into to this you may ask? Well it is the greatest force in the universe. Find out how and why.

Chapter 3 – Second Secret-Divine Knowledge

Divulges the significance of the connections with your higher self, how to connect and the benefits that the connection brings.

Chapter 4 – Third Secret-Courage

Provides information and transformative processes aiding in the reader’s consciousness elevation.

Chapter 5 -Fourth Secret-Forgiveness

Exposes the impact of a lack of forgiveness and provides processes to allow you to let-go (forgive).

Chapter 6 – Fifth Secret-Movement

As spiritual being we are energy. Movement is an essential aspect of energy. This chapter explains.

Chapter 7 – Sixth Secret-Balance

Understanding your spiritual growth you realize that your inner world provides the fuel that transforms your outer world if you are balance.

Chapter 8 – Seventh Secret-Synchronicity

Otherwise known as meaningful coincidences, synchronicities are key signals of spiritual breakthroughs on a universal scale.

Chapter 9 – Eighth Secret-Mindfulness

You cannot control what happens to you but you can control how you react to it. Processes revealed

Chapter 10 – Your Soul’s Journey Continue

Your Soul’s Journey Continue – Uncovers guidelines for even more levels of consciousness and why your journey is important.

Confessions of a Gradient Spirit

8 Profound Secrets That Will Change Your Life

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