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Knowing that your essence possesses a primordial power that is connected to all that is can change your life, but only by understanding and tapping in can that power be realized. In the book, Confession of a Gradient Spirit, the author draws from several ancient Eastern and Western texts, modern day wisdom, as well as, her own recollections of her near-death experience to provide information to elevate your consciousness.

Confession of a Gradient Spirit is a compilation of lessons learned in retrospect of a significant emotional evident supported by various ancient texts. It is a recognition and acceptance of an event so profound that only by suppressing the information that periodically floated into her now was she able to move forward to some degree. However, at some point she felt it was as though she was called out to reveal her findings per-se. After all, life is not the destination but the journey. Her revelations started first with me accepting, then actively listening, and afterward seeing and recognizing the value of every human being and every interaction. I had to accept my journey. The book is recognition of the journey and the lessons that resonated the most during the years. By providing this body of work that took years to synchronize, I am humbled to be the vehicle that presence this information in such a way to bring about life affirming change.

“Challenging……Provoking……The missing pieces….It seems Harolyn combined her many years of training and development experience with a psycho-spiritual-analytical approach to looking at a personal and profoundly emotional event resulting in a masterfully written and structured template for a resilient life.”

– Dr. Amy Hymes, President & CEO, HNA Consulting, Author, The Prescription to Reach Abundant Success

“Powerful and Compelling, Confessions of a Gradient Spirit is an eloquently written life affirming psycho-spiritual self-help book, that is a must read for anyone going through any of life’s changes.”

– Dr. Diane Corcoran, President Emeritus, International Association of Near-Death Studies

“Confessions of a Gradient Spirit outlines the eight secrets that will take you further on your journey towards your dream than you ever thought or imagined could happen. Allow yourself to be open to the meaning of this book and your spirit will soar. Dr. Ingraham is your guide, follow her on this path and see your new vision of your life.”

– Heather Edgington, Ontario Canada, Certified Dream Builder Coach, Author, Become Your Dream. It's Never2Late to Love Your Life.

“Having heard Dr. Harolyn at a speaking engagement in Hakusan-Seto, Japan, I could not wait to read the book. Confessions of a Gradient Spirit book is a transformational tool for spiritual growth that everyone can benefit from. The book Confessions of a Gradient Spirit is an intriguing and thought provoking look into the human condition that is inclusive, diverse, and revealing.”

– Janet Nicholson, Business & Life Strategist, Restaurateur, Gourmet Avenue Inc.

Confessions of a Gradient Spirit

8 Profound Secrets That Will Change Your Life

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